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The Butchers Ball

What’s behind the bizarre string of suicides at Butchers, the top-notch London merchant bank? Could there be a connection with the Minx – the elusive lover that Butchers’ stalwart, Toby Slaker has been – quite literally – blind-dating? (through an Internet site where the dress code is a hood – and nothing else…)

Or with Scarlett, the neurotic virtual woman who inhabits the bank’s computer systems?

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Or is it something to do with the inane TV programme, ‘The Hoodwink Show’?

When Butchers fall prey to a billion dollar ‘rogue trader’, it seems that everyone wants to take it over - not least Toby’s own high-flying City wife. And as the bank struggles to remain independent, and Toby’s secret sexual liaisons become ever more daring, only Will Cloud, the pot-smoking Irish detective from Brass Monkeys, can disentangle the plot and save the day.