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Brass Monkeys

BRASS MONKEYS is now available as a Coronet paperback at 5.99.


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Brass Monkeys
The most junior member of the new Cabinet, Hugh Driftwood is an unlikely candidate for Prime Minister - and odious ex-spin-doctor Alistair Sloach has his own eye on that particular post.  But in the accident-prone Government of Edward Burgins, ministers are dropping like flies, and Hugh does have the energetic support of his ambitious stepmother, media tycoon Vanessa, and her rash of tabloids.

Vanessa’s personal agenda includes the comprehensive humiliation of rival newspaper proprietor Victor Quistling and all is going swimmingly on both fronts until Hugh is (literally!) sucked into a political sex scandal of potentially disastrous proportions - all because of the delectable shape and pillar-box lips of Ros Flato - a beautiful seductress with a penchant for public performance.

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